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AcuraCHEM 2.0  

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AcuraCHEM 2.0   The premier collection of chemical utilities and tools designed and developed by professional chemists to fulfill the growing needs of chemists, researchers, educators and students. Chemists no longer need to waste precious time on routine calculations and may devote their valuable time on productive activities.

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AcuraCHEM 2.0 comprises the following time-saving utilities:

  • A built-in comprehensive Periodic Table covering all known elements listing over 100 properties with added functionality to plot over 30 atomic properties such as atomic radii, ionization energies, electron affinities etc.
    An ideal resource for all elemental data.

  • A powerful equation balancing utility to balance a chemical equation of any type. Ordinary chemical equations involving neutral molecules or oxidation-reduction equations involving charged species can be balanced.
    Equations may be entered as ASCII format using three modes; an unbalanced equation to balance, a balanced equation to check and a list of species for which one or more balanced equations may be generated.

  • A versatile equation stoichiometry workpad which allows detailed stoichiometric calculations on any balanced equation with unlimited number of reactants and products.
    Stoichiometric calculations may involve any number of reactants/products in grams, moles or mL of molar solutions. If more than one reactants are specified, a limiting reactant is found based on input data and the calculations are performed accordingly.

  • The Equation Balancing utility as well as the Equation Stoichiometry workpad place no limit to the number of formulas an equation may have. However, it is unlikely that a practical situation may produce an equation with more than 20 species. The notorious Blakely equation (G.R. Blakely, J. Chem Educ., Vol 59, pp. 728-734 (1982)) has 20 species

    88H2 + 15Ca(CN)2 + 6NaAlF4 + 10FeSO4 + 3MgSiO3 + 6KI + 2H3PO4 + 6PbCrO4 + 12BrCl + 3CF2Cl2 + 20SO2 = 6PbBr2 + 6CrCl3 + 3MgCO3 + 6KAl(OH)4 + 10Fe(SCN)3 + 2PI3 + 3Na2SiO3 + 15CaF2 + 79H2O

    AcuraCHEM 2.0 allows you to balance equations similar or even more complicated than Blakely's equation with a click of a mouse, you may also carry out stoichiometric calculations with the balanced equation produced.

  • A Hess's Law Solver Utility to combine chemical equations which is ideal for thermochemical applications (Hess's law of heat summation) and in kinetic/mechanistic studies.
    This utility allows the user to linearly combine a set of equations to form a target equation.
    A typical application of this utility is the use of Hess's Law of heat summation where a number of thermochemical equations are combined to form a target equation as in the following simple example.

    Given equations:
    CaO + Cl2 = CaOCl2  H = -110.9 kJ/mol
    H2O + CaOCl2 + 2NaBr = 2NaCl + Ca(OH)2 + Br2  H = -60.2 kJ/mol
    Ca(OH)2 = CaO + H2O  H = 65.1 kJ/mol

    Target equation:
    Cl2 + 2NaBr = 2NaCl + Br2 H = ? kJ/mol

    In this trivial example, simply add the three given equations to get the target equation. However, in a more complex situation, the process of finding the proper linear combination is not always straightforward.

  • A chemical formula molar mass/composition calculator. .
    This tool is powered by an intelligent parser which allows the calculation of molar mass and percent composition for any formula regardless of complexity such as:
        [Cr(N2H4CO)6]4[Cr(CN)6]3 to give the following output:
        Molar Mass = 2273.6274 g/mol
        Percent Composition:
      7 Chromium %Cr = 16.008
      66 Nitrogen %N = 40.659
      96 Hydrogen %H = 4.256
      42 Carbon %C = 22.188

  • An easy to use utility to prepare standard aqueous/non-aqueous solutions in a diversity of concentration units including:
    • Molarity (mol/L)
    • Molal (mol/kg solvent)
    • Mole fraction
    • Mole percent (mol%)
    • Weight Fraction (w/w)
    • Weight Percent (w%)
    • Weight/Volume (g/mL)
    • Part Per Million (ppm)
    • Part Per Billion (ppb)
    This utility saves the chemist precious laboratory time, helps eliminate errors when preparing standard solutions, and saves money. This tool is also ideal for working scientists, teachers as well as lab technicians and instructors.

  • A Concentration Units Conversion utility which provide an easy inter-conversion among all common concentration units.

  • AcuraCHEM 2.0 is provided with a convienient Options screen where you may select your preferences for display modes, units, etc. Preferences are then saved internally and will remain active unless you change them again should your preferences change.

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® flagship product AcuraCHEM 2.0 is the premium collection of chemical utilities. A powerful chemistry calculator, a chemical problem solver and a comprehensive periodic table of the elements.
No chemist can afford to be without.

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AcuraCHEM 2.0

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